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IT Project Management

Are you looking to migrate to the Cloud?  If you need a Project Manager to not only run the project but assist with configuring it all, please read on….


IT Administration

If you’re looking for an extra pair of hands to manage Active Directory administration, perhaps to configure SharePoint or laptops, or to document your infrstructure, please click below.


I can create you a new website, or help you maintain your existing one.  I provide hosting services, design, backup, security, SEO configuration and manage updates.

Helpdesk Software

We are a UK reseller for Alloy Software’s comprehensive, integrated IT service management & asset management solution based on ITIL principles. The product combines IT service support, configuration management, and change management.

Asset Management

Do you know precisely where all your equipment is or what software is installed?  Is it all legal and up to date?

Alloy Navigator Express or their Discovery software lets you track it all.

Do you need help in these areas?

Please click below to get in touch, without obligation.

About Me

Hello, I’m Tracy Hampton.  Originally from New Zealand, I’ve lived in the UK for 17 years now.

I am married with 2 young daughters and as a family we love to go camping whenever we can.

I refer to myself as a “Geekette” having spent over 20 years working in IT, and I love doing what I do.

Find out more about Hampton Business Services on my About page.




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