Rostrvm Solutions Limited is a contact centre software company. Based in Woking, Surrey we design, develop and support the Rostrvm suite of applications that make call centres, contact centres and back office operations efficient through call and task routing, predictive dialling and desktop optimisation.



We have a lot of equipment, not only with internal staff, but we have remote workers and as part of our solution offers Software as a Service, we have kit in data centres too.  We discovered we had two asset spreadsheets being maintained, some with information not on the other, and vice versa.  In order for us to achieve our ISO 27001 certification, we needed to know what we had, who it was with and whether were we compliant as far as licensing goes.


As we were working with HBS on another project, we asked Tracy to look into an Asset Management solution for us.  Tracy firstly combined the two spreadsheets we had, ensuring we effectively had one database with accurate information (this included her getting under desks to check asset tags too).  She then put forward a product called Alloy Navigator Express.  Tracy had years of experience using this product and despite comparing it with others on the market, explained to us why this one met all our requirements, and some.  It was also a very cost effective solution.


HBS not only installed and configured Alloy, but imported all our data and went through a process of allocating equipment to the right owners.  Tracy also gathered, audited and added software licenses, to ensure we were compliant.  The system did highlight some shortfalls which were quickly rectified.

Alloy Navigator Express ticked all the boxes on our ISO requirement checklist and as such Rostrvm Solutions became ISO 27001:2013 certified.

A Note From Simon

We really like the “can do” attitude of HBS and the way they fit work seamlessly with our business.  As well as playing an instrumental part in getting our ISO27001:2013 certification, HBS have assisted us a number of IT related projects which needed to be done, but would never have been completed if HBS had not been involved.

Simon Wellings

Simon Wellings

Do you know where your assets are?

If, like Rostrvm, you are looking to obtain your ISO 27001 certification, then please get in touch to discuss further.