Rostrvm Solutions Limited is a contact centre software company. Based in Woking, Surrey we design, develop and support the Rostrvm suite of applications that make call centres, contact centres and back office operations efficient through call and task routing, predictive dialling and desktop optimisation.



Our aim was to migrate from an IT and office support system entirely built upon aging on site computer hardware and software that was rapidly becoming out-of-date and out-of-support to a more flexible, supportable Cloud infrastructure. We also needed to address system security, data management and data protection issues to support our legal obligations such as GDPR and to achieve ISO 27001 certification. In particular we wanted to have the flexibility of the Cloud whilst maintaining on site retention of critical data.


Before working with HBS we worked with 2 other service providers Both put forward big-bang project plans to replace and update our IT. We felt that this approach was high risk and didn’t fully take account of the reality of our systems; as a software developer our teams are highly IT competent. Whist having skilled users has benefits it also means that users are equipped to make IT changes. Over time we had a number of anomalies and ‘IT spaghetti’ to unravel.

HBS took a different approach. Instead of a large, risky project we broke the end objective into a series of do-and-review steps. Whilst this means the project took longer than expected we have learned along the way and been able to take advantage of solutions that we hadn’t even considered at the outset. For example, we have a number of remote workers and we have taken advantage of Microsoft Teams for collaborative working and remote meetings – we hadn’t even considered this technology at the start.


HBS has worked closely with us and introduced a number of like-minded, trusted suppliers to help us reach our goals.

Our operational needs have been clearly understood and considered in implementing change. At the most basic level our objectives have been met – we now have a resilient, always-up-to-date IT system. We have more than achieved our objectives and now operate a hybrid Cloud and on-site infrastructure to flexibly support office-based and remote working.

The most visible metric is that following the initial project Rostrvm Solutions became ISO 27001:2013 certified.

This has all been achieved with minimal disruption to users; they’ve almost forgotten how difficult our previous systems were to use and maintain!

A Note From Ken

I enjoy working with HBS as a true partner; they recognise where we trying to go and work with us to get there. I particularly like that they recognise the customer isn’t always right and are prepared to put forward alternate, beneficial ideas.


Ken Reid

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