Let your website showcase your business and your brand…. while making sure it’s robust, working, secure and updated.

Website Design & Maintenance

I absolutely LOVE creating and maintaining the “front door” to my clients businesses.  Working with my clients on designs and content, producing something they love…or as one Client says “Epic”. 

I add keywords and meta descriptions (used for Search Engine Optimisation) to all web pages to ensure their website and content will be found.

I also configure Google My Business to give the maximum visibility possible and Google Analytics so we can gather visitor stats.


Web Design
Fasthosts Control Panel

Hosting & Design

All the websites I host are WordPress sites, hosted through Fasthosts.  

Design could be simply creating your website and adding text and images provided by you, or it can be a joint project, with copywriting services available.

It is your website, so it needs to work for you.


HBS Web Maintenance


This doesn’t need to be restricted to just those that I design.  I can maintain your existing websites, hosted elsewhere and it doesn’t need to be WordPress.  Whilst that is my preference, I am able to maintain Squarespace, Wix, iPage or many of the website builders that come with some domain hosting providers.

Fully managed services include backups, security and monthly updates – both to the backend and content changes.

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